The Last Casino – One Of The Best Movies Made In Canada

The Last Casino is a Canadian film, which was released in 2014 and has a cast including Julian Richings, Kris Lemche, Katharine Isabelle, Jacques Godin and Charles Martin Smith. It was directed by Pierre Gill, the successful Canadian cinematographer who has worked on such films as The Rocket and Eldorado.


The storyline revolves around the subject of card counting within casinos and is heavily based upon the storyline of the MIT Blackjack Team. This team was made up of students and ex students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard Business School, Harvard University and some other universities and colleges. The MIT Blackjack team used card counting together with some other intelligent and innovative strategies in order to beat casinos at blackjack;which led to them winning considerable sums of money in the process.


They were successful for more than a 20-year period from 1979. Bill Kaplan, in 1977 took $1000 and turned it into about $35,000 within a 9-month period. When a leader of a small student group from MIT overhead him discussing his blackjack success he asked him to train and later manage what would become the MIT Blackjack team. The team were run like a professional enterprise and really flourished.


The Last Casino tells the story of a professor Doug Barnes, who realizes that three of his students are math geniuses and makes a decision to teach them how to card count after he had been banned from the majority of casinos after doing so himself. The film sees the three students hit the biggest casinos in Ontario and Quebec until they are inevitably discovered.


It is no surprise that as Canada as a whole seems to have a love for casinos and also online gambling, this TV movie was very popular upon release and has continued to be a favourite. Casino gaming in both traditional land-based forms and online versions has become very popular across the world and very much so in Canada. Betting and playing in casinos is one of the most popular activities in terms of entertainment in Canadian territory; with this becoming even more attractive with casinos online for everyone to get acquainted with. This means that Canadians have now been introduced to global brands; PartyCasino is one trusted service that comes to mind.


Some of the top casino locations in Canada are actually now able to rival those in Las Vegas and are fully fledged resorts, which now offer spas, restaurants, hotels, as well as top of the range casinos. The biggest casino resorts in Canada are now actually seen as a holiday destination in their own right. Some of the best casinos the country has to offer includes The River Rock Resort, in British Columbia, Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino Niagra, both located within Ontario, the very impressive Casino de Montreal which can be found in Quebec and Albertas River Cree Resort and Casino.


The Last Casino is a very engaging film that definitely appeals to casino lovers in Canada and worldwide, taking a light approach to card counting strategies and casino play. It should definitely be added to our list of all-time best gambling movies to date.

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