The Devil Operation (Review)

Another documentary, only this one has a little more substance to it.

Our story takes place in Peru. Father Marco Antonio Arana Zegarra goes into detail about his life story and living in one of the poorest places in Peru, where it is believed that water is life and the mountains have eyes.

Peru’s mountains are revealed to be in trouble from mining industries who are digging through the mountains for every last gold nugget. So the farmers decide the best way to stop these miners from destroying their beloved home is to block the road to the mountains via barricade. Father Marco works with the townsfolk and farmers to make sure they win justice. However there’s limited success throughout all the disagreements with Yanacocha and the governments.

It takes a couple weeks but when things are fixed, it’s one thing after another. Father Marco finds himself under attack by the local media who believe what he was doing makes him the devil. When he helps with another barricade in the future,the death threats get more hostile and many other people he was involved with receive death threats. To make matters worse, a top secret organization (supposedly working with the mining operation) starts spying on Marco and his associates and it seems the spies are planning something sinister. And that’s when things get more extreme.

This documentary shows what it’s like to live with the plan to make a change and take the challenge of dealing with people who don’t completely agree. The footage went from basic to chilling and creepy, and even the threats to Marco and his associates were a bit intimidating. From there it goes on to show more, suggesting that corporations don’t always consider who they’re hurting when they go to a country with intent of digging through their land for valuable elements. It also shows how hostile they can get sometimes when they take certain directions.

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