Milk: A Film by Noemi Weis (Review)

This is a documentary about Motherhood. Milk. Get it?

A big part of motherhood is breastfeeding, as it gives the baby true strength from its mother and a strong bond with her. In this film, many moms from around the world share their experience of giving birth and the bond that they shared with their newborn children. Everything in the experience is reflected upon. The disadvantages, the benefits, the challenges, how things change throughout the generations, and so much more.

Mainly the issues focused on are how some women can’t seem to breastfeed with ease, or how breastfeeding is often frowned upon. Not only does it also talk about breastfeeding, but later on, the documentary focuses on the process of giving birth and mainly brings up the scary issues, like if a baby is underweight. This is when milk becomes more than nutrition — it’s a strong life saving formula to make the baby healthier.

This was a very educational film to watch. It told a lot of information about breastfeeding and showed a lot of amazing facts. I used to think breastfeeding was just something simple and never really thought about it too much, but the facts and interesting stories told me a lot more than I ever knew. The interviews were genuine and well spoken, and the many different viewpoints from around the world added a multicultural touch. This documentary is worth a watch and anyone interested in checking it out, and learning a lot about this subject can watch it Tuesday night on CBC.

For those interested in making a documentary of their own, check out this article here.

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