Exclusive – The Romeo Section Delivers Part II

On location with director and co-writer of the TV show, The Romeo Section. You can find it every Wednesday at 9:00 pm on CBC.

Darren: What has the response been like?

Chris Haddock: CBC is very pleased with it. It’s to early to say, but we get the sense we will be back to work next year on a second season.

Darren: You have Andrew Airlie playing the lead character Wolfgang McGee. He’s also acted in your two previous shows. Did you bring anybody else over from those shows?

Chris Haddock: Yes. I also brought over Eugene Lipinski. We have some familiar faces and some fresh faces. I also brought in a lot of the same crew that worked on Da Vinci’s Inquest and Intelligence.

Chris Haddock (above, left) went on to tell me that he wanted to challenge himself with this show. It had to be different from anything he’d done before. You’ll agree, he hit his mark.

The premise revolves around lies, corruption and murder where spies are recruited to seduce for secrets.

I was also lucky enough to nail down their lead actor, Andrew Airlie (above, right). An amazing talent that moved from Scotland in the late 60’s. He took a leap of faith when he was 30 years. of age. One hundred twenty-eight credits later, he is playing Wolfgang McGee, a professor who teaches and studies the history of the opium trade while moonlighting as an independent contractor to Canada’s Intelligence Community.

I’m hooked.

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