LARPs Season 2: Really about to go somewhere

I covered this series a while back, but as of recently a new season has started. The first two episodes are showing that this series is really about to go somewhere.

This time around, the episodes seem to be a little more consistent, and have a more noticeable storyline going on. In fact there actually appear to be several story lines going on. The stories consist of Shane (Elizabeth Neale) writing articles about the experience  without any of her teammates knowing, and Shane’s friend Kat (Amber Goldfarb) having recently joined the team to enhance the story.

The main element of the role-playing story is that the characters are to retrieve an ancient artifact called The Eleventh Eye. The story can only get stranger as Kat’s new character, a cleric, throws little cloth balls as spells. However, her aim needs work as Evan the NPC has become a target for her. Later on, Kat talks to Evan to learn a little more about how LARPing is done, and why do people do it. Running jokes in the new season include Arthur (Jonathan Silver) going through different roles as his characters keep getting killed off, Kat’s attempts at throwing spell balls, and Will’s new job where he has a boss who forces motivation.

I’m finding this season exciting and a lot more interesting than the last. The writing is certainly a little more focused and the multiple story lines are an interesting touch, though it may be hard to keep up with all of them at once. As usual, the exterior shots are extraordinary and scenic, and the episodes even seem to be going on a bit longer. Only by a few minutes, but still it feels like a perfect use of watching time.

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