Camping, Cooking, Campaigns. With a healthy helping of Comedy.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse – Ah, scouting. Great memories. I used to be one myself. Anyways, in this comedy horror of a movie, three scouts find themselves facing something more dangerous than getting lost in the forest. Or injured. Or anything involving a forest for that matter. Because the biggest danger yet is the zombie apocalypse as their town gets attacked by the living dead. Anyways, the three of our heroes put their survival skills to the test and decide to do the biggest good turn for the city. They also have a cocktail waitress fighting alongside with them, because every team needs a woman. I’m not too sure about this one in particular. It sounds pretty cheesy. And if I learned that kind of stuff in scouting days, it would’ve been cooler. Instead, I only learned first aid, knots, some cooking, and I butchered all three of those. What a waste.

Burnt – Another comedy, this one starring Bradley Cooper as a chef named Adam Jones. Chef Jones only cares about making food so delicious that nobody could resist. But he’s got some pretty bad habits, a fair number of enemies, and only two Michelin stars. Now he has a chance to get a third Michelin star and his own kitchen, but he’s going to need some help with that. Seems a bit more interesting than the other film, and looks like a culinary delight to the mind.

Our Brand is Crisis – A Comedy Drama – Okay, I can assume this is a weekend of humour at the theatres. Sandra Bullock stars as Calamity Jane Bodine, who happens to be a strategist hired to lead a team to figure out why a presidential candidate from Bolivia is doing poorly in the polls. Gee, you think the U.S. decides to pull a Canada and not vote? No, it has something to do with Jane’s arch nemesis, the interestingly named Pat Candy played by Billy Bob Thornton. Now Jane must find a way to get the campaign up and running and beat Candy for once, something she has never really done. I’ve seen this preview before, and it sounds like it has it could be pretty enjoyable.

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