L’appartement (Review)

Renovations are fun. Well, maybe not. It’s been so long since I’ve watched anything from Quebec let alone Travelling Distribution, and so I figured this could be a nice start. Our short film begins with a young woman (Evelyne Brochu) who is, of course, renovating her apartment. First off, she starts putting up some new walls. But she does so horribly at it she makes a big mess. Nobody said home improvement was easy. Home demolition on the other hand is. After a breakdown, she gets an unexpected guest: Her kind and pristine sister (Julie Le Breton) who dolls her up and gets her ready to go somewhere. Where? Well, I can’t exactly say. But if you remember some of my old reviews, it doesn’t quite make sense, but at least a deer wasn’t involved.

It’s been a super long time since I’ve gotten back into watching these, and I can certainly see why. The plot is minimal and doesn’t have a lot going on. The dialogue is even less than the plot. All we get is footage of a girl sucking at home improvement, some very mild bonding, some footage of trees passing overhead, and a blurry inside look through a windshield. I guess the crew couldn’t afford one of those special screens which helps make people look more visible, because I really had a hard time looking at these two actresses. And don’t you just love it when they don’t have any character names? You’d think after watching so many of these, I’d have some sense on what they’re about. Sadly, I don’t. I guess I should watch more of these…

Image Courtesy of mcconnors

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