Breathe (VIFF Review)

People need to breathe in order to stay alive. That’s part of the concept of this movie. This movie is also the story of Robin (Andrew Garfield) and Diane (Claire Foy), not exactly two American kids growing up in the heart land, but rather two people who meet by chance at a party. Diane is usually hard to get, but Robin has already succeeded at winning her heart and already takes her on many adventures. Everything is all good until Diane gets pregnant, and somehow, Robin suddenly starts to have breathing issues. This means trouble for the two of them as Robin is confined to a hospital bed with a possible life and death scenario. Diane shows she cares by freeing Robin with her creative solution to have the bed in the house. In a few years, Robin gets an idea for the very first chair on wheels for more movement. And as his life journey continues, more creative ways to keep Robin alive keep on coming.

Breathe is a combination of humour and a really serious condition. It shows many different lessons throughout the film, such as how far someone is willing to risk their lives to try something new, and that there’s always a way. It also explains where the idea for wheelchairs came from. The whole story is touching, even better is how it’s based on a true one, the characters are acted out very well, and the look of old times is stunning. Everything about this film is powerful and amazing. It explains there’s always a way when it comes to curing a condition, and it also shows that those who are disabled don’t have to spend a life in hospital confinement.

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