The Square (VIFF Review)

Squares, squares. Everywhere.

How square can I get? I guess we’ll find out as I review this amazing artistic movie. Starring Claes Bang as Christian, the curator of an art museum going on with his daily life. Running a museum of modern art which seems to be going nowhere as exhibits are rarely visited. So Christian introduces a new exhibit he calls The Square in order to bring in more people to the museum. Aside from advertising issues, Christian also has to put up with a thief who has stolen his phone and his wallet. Tracking the robber’s location was easy and finding a way to return the phone via note is much easier, but that builds up a particular issue for Christian and one little boy. Throughout the film, Christian goes through other hilarious scenarios such as having sex with a woman he met at one of the museum’s parties, dealing with homeless people (which is a running gag), and balancing quality time with his two daughters.

The movie was absolutely fun and interesting. I’m a big fan of modern art, but the types in this movie are ridiculously hilarious and over-the top. The other characters, mainly the employees of the museum are so interesting as well and even manage to take things to a crazy new angle with their Youtube ad of showing a blonde poor child getting blown up on their exhibit. The soundtrack for the movie has a somewhat fun and catchy beat consisting of someone making a ‘do-do-doo’ noise. The different intertwined problems for Christian are so weird but so funny at times. Not everything gets resolved, of course. But that doesn’t matter too highly because we all know not everything can be fixed. The movie was such a success, I hope one day to see it in a museum for movies. It’s called The Square, but it’s no square. It’s perfectly rounded.

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