Authentic: Young Rival’s Journey through Canada (Review)

A story about a local Ontario rock band known as Young Rival. I seldom check out documentaries but I decided to take a look at this one and see what it was like.

Young Rival tells their story about their experiences of touring on the road, working hard to gain a fanbase, and balancing their day jobs as well. This documentary dabbles in moments with Aron D’alesio, John Smith, and Noah Fralick through their lifestyle on and off stage, all while dealing with the toughness of life.

One of their top concert locations is a place called the Towne House in Sudbury, Ontario where they have met all kinds of bands and know a lot of people who attended their concerts there. The band also brings up things like having to squat in abandoned buildings, the inspiration for how they began their band, wine they had made special for friends, special spots on their road trip, some of the songs they wrote, and many more interesting subjects.

Segments of interviews are also included featuring radio host Lana Gay, band members from The Sheepdogs, Hollerado, Born Ruffians, and even Young Rival’s producer Jon Drew.

I’m a huge supporter of local music so I was impressed to watch this. It really gives an inside view to people who want to see what life is like for small-town bands who aren’t highly famous but still manage to make a couple bucks while doing live gigs. The spots on their road trip had small moments of interesting chatter, the interviews were well detailed, and adding the songs in between segments also was a nice touch to the documentary making it more interesting to watch while showing what the band sounded like.

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