Movies this weekend, scarce again, remarkably silly

Ride Along 2 – Starring rapper and human klutz Ice Cube with Kevin Hart as they return to make a ridiculous sequel to a ridiculous movie. Now that Ben (Hart) is on relatively good terms with his upcoming brother-in-law James (Ice Cube) the two head off to Miami together to bust a crime. They find themselves having to thwart a drug dealer supplying dealers from Atlanta. But they only have limited time to nab this fellow before Kevin’s wedding day so they’d better get it done fast. Some people have said this one is funny. Well, it is an action comedy. If it’s any better than the last one which got low-ish ratings, it’s worth checking out.

Norm of the North – An animated feature to check out with the kids, Norm of the North stars Rob Schneider as a polar bear named Norm who somehow ends up in New York. Hey, creatures traveling to the states has been going on for so long, why not? Anyways, Norm is one polar bear in the Arctic who’s considered the laughingstock of the top of the world, as he hardly can do anything right. But one day, when a ship belonging to a corporation comes by, Norm investigates and finds out that this business plans to take over the Arctic and turn it into some kind of city. It’s up to Norm and several squishy lemmings to go to New York and stop this from happening. How? Norm somehow becomes the mascot of this evil corporation. It will keep the kids entertained and it looks like something adults will enjoy too.

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