Oscar Nominees, Student Shorts, and Everything In Between

Alexandra Heilbronn of tribute.ca reminds us that Canada has gotten 21 Oscar Nominations. Canadian films such as Brooklyn, Room, Sicario, Spotlight, and many more have been nominated for Oscars of all sorts. Nominees seem to prove that Canada is one of the best places to shoot films. A Canadian tribute will also be hosted in LA on February 25, known as An Evening with Canada Stars.

With a massive number of Canadian Oscar Nominees and the Canadian dollar getting lower and lower, Toronto’s Film Industry has an opportunity to get a boost in business. The industry in Ontario managed to generate 1.234 billion in dollars from having movies shot in their province last year, and it looks like there might be even more income this year. Read about it here.

(via thebruns.ca) Sebastian Maynard has written that students of UNB are highly confident of their short film class project. In one of UNB’s mandatory courses, Film 4000, student Ashley Phinney and seven other crew member students have set to work on a short film called Knots and Prods, which is all about two cousins and their grandmother. Once the grandmother dies, the two cousins become distant. Phinney intends for the short film not only to pass, but to premiere at Fredriction’s Silver Wave Film Festival.

(Image: Gerd Altmann)

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