American Psychosis (VIFF Review)

Totalitarian Governments. Consumerism in the modern day. The vague culture of our lifestyle. Obliviousness is the factor among modern day Americans who don’t notice what’s become of their society. In this documentary by Amanda Zackem, we get an honest opinion on American culture by journalist and activist Chris Hedges. America seems to be going down the pipes with their values and their ways of getting by. So many people debate this, but not all of them can see clearly. That’s why American Psychosis explains this in a simple way without much complexities. Outstanding visuals and shots accompany Hedges’ narrative through the documentary. Undeniably, the information is very educational. Not many people can provide so so many complex details in an easily simplified style.

Go check out this short film at VIFF, along with ACORN and the Firestorm.

October 8, 6:30 pm and October 11, 9:00 pm

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