What is the prettiest town in Switzerland?

Well, if we are talking about Switzerland, we must not forget its cows that have flower crows, its cheese, and definitely the chocolates. However, we cannot forget the pretty towns of the country, can we? Ranging from lakeside resort towns that have fields filled with flowers to ski resorts to snow-covered towns in the Swiss Alps, the country has a number of pretty towns. Before opting for Europe ETIAS Suisse, you must definitely take into consideration the prettiest town in the country that you should make part of your itinerary when you visit. 

However, when we are talking about Switzerland, it is crucial to understand that there is not just one town that can be called the prettiest of all. So, we will provide you with a number of pretty towns of the nation that you can refine later based on your choices to add to your itinerary.


The resort town of Zermatt is a car-free town which is at the highest altitude in the entire continent of Europe. This town provides the guarantee of a long season for skiing, comprising of skiing for the entire year on the glacier. This town is situated on the base of Matterhorn, where lifts tend to ascend 2.4 miles or 3.9 km to provide an expansive view of the Swiss Alpine. This town is generally the destination for hot cuisines with two of its restaurants awarded in 2015 with the Michelin stars, namely After Seven run by Chef Ivo Adam and Chef Salvatore Elefante’s Ristorante Capri. 


This village is situation on a mountain and is perfect for the postcards. One can only visit to this town through a train and is home to Belle Époque hotels, chalets, and houses made of timber. You can always explore the mountains that surround this village. You can perform a number of activities during your stay here. You may opt for a cableway for obtaining a view that is panoramic or simply go for a walk. Other thrilling sports comprise river rafting and paragliding. 

Stein am Rhein

Stein am Rhein is a dense village that comprise medieval structures that are well-preserved, a majority of which are the facades that are painted vibrantly. Also known as the Jewel on the Untersee, this town also comprises of Hohenklingen Castle, which is a hilltop castle from the medieval period. 


You can take a ferry from Lugano to reach Morcote for opting for the perfect getaway on the Lake Lugano shoreline. Earlier, the town used to be a haven for fishing, which is based into a hillside. If you wish to have a bird’s eye view of the houses, you may even go to the bell tower of Santa Maria delSasso Church. 


A resort village located on the Lake Geneva, Montreux was found in a francophone south-west region of the nation. You can always spend hours walking by the lakeside as you admire the beauty of trees and flowers that surround the place with a view of the Alps. Further, you can also visit Chateau de Chillon, which is the castle built in the 13th century. 


Situated on the Lake Lucerne, this city is ancient alongside being picturesque and can be best explored on foot. As you walk through the city, you will witness historic houses that are beautifully painted along with the ones that are situated in the Weinmarkt Square. 


Situated between Lake Brienz and Lake Thun, Interlaken is a city in Switzerland that is surrounded by the tallest peaks of the country, which makes it a city for great views in each direction. In case you are a rambler, you would be amazed to know that there are a number of paths for hiking close to this city. 


Guarda is situated in the Lower Engadine Mountains 1.7 km above sea-level and is a remote village where you can witness the beautifully painted houses that were coloured in the 17th century and have now been renovated to earn the Wakker Prize. A majority of the population of this city continues to communicate in Romansch language, which is the fourth official language of the country after German, French and Italian respectively. 


Surrounded by Aare river, the capital of Switzerland, Bern, is situated in the west-central area of the nation. This is also listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, which gives you another reason to visit this beautiful city. 

The Bottom Line

When we are talking about Switzerland, there is no one specific city that we would call the prettiest. The towns are surrounded by the lakes and mountains and each has its own heritage. Therefore, you got to decide which one you wish to be at considering the activities you want to perform. 

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