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In The Spotlight: Tanya Jade

Normally, I would do an interview with a local actor/director, but once in a great while I feel the need to change things up a bit and instead try something different, such as I did with certain movies playing in Vancouver, or talking about some set I was on. This time, I decided to go back to something I haven’t done in over a year. The type of article that focuses on someone who has either been around a long time or is just starting out, yet whoever they are, they’re making great strides. Today we focus on, Tanya Jade, someone we’ve talked about before but still enjoy talking about. Lately, she has been adding more and more skills to her acting resume because one hardly knows when those skills could just come in handy for a role.

What kind of skills, you may be asking? Here’s a few that I can list right now: Driving a sports car, specifically a 6-gear convertible in a commercial, driving a motorbike, scuba diving, horse-riding, kickboxing, singing, and even dance. So what kind of roles has Tanya gotten so far? Just recently, she’s finished an exciting satirical horror in a Crazy8s film called Hellmark, which I can’t wait to watch and review at this year’s Crazy 8’s. She has done other roles in series like The Good Doctor, Kung Fu, Yellowjackets, Schmicago, and who knows what she could be doing next. Tanya claims she may have a future role in underwater horse-riding. Maybe she’ll ride a seahorse that’s grown big by radiation. Who knows?


Sorry for the short article, folks. Expect a long elaborate interview on Friday.

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