How to place the right NHL betting

Hockey is one of the most popular sports in the world, arousing the interest of fans with its spectacularity and dynamism of events. Since hockey matches take place all the time, NHL betting is widely popular in Europe and the world. For fans of the NHL game, Parimatch offers https://ca.parimatch.com/en/ice-hockey/regular-season-cbdd0859b503408cbf1cf910c32b1db0/prematch profitable sports bets forecast, you can get a good financial reward. Below are the basic steps and tips for making the best NHL bets today and getting the most out of your gameplay.

Live NHL betting and other varieties

As with other sports, there are several types of bets in hockey. Each participant chooses NHL bets independently, taking into account their characteristics:

  • Game outcome betting is a classic NHL bet. It’s about which team will win the match. It is possible to place NHL bets on Canada and any other team, but it can be difficult to determine what the probability of victory for each team is, especially if strong players are competing with each other.
  • Bets on total are no less popular and involve the number of goals scored into the opponent’s goal. It is important to indicate in this bet whether the outcome of the hockey match will be less or more than what value.
  • A bet on a handicap, by analogy with football, assumes a difference in the score of the teams participating in the match. It is important to remember here that super-profits on such a bet cannot be won if there is no obvious outsider team in the game.
  • A special type of bet in hockey is a live bet. During the match, participants can place additional bets by making new bets. NHL live bet is relevant when unforeseen situations occur during the match. These include injuries to players, severe violations of the rules, and other nuances.
  • Not frequent, but used type of bet – if both hockey teams score goals. Here NHL playoff betting odds are not made on the result of the match but the periods. For beginners who are just starting to practice sports betting, this type of betting is suitable and makes it easy to win a certain amount of money.

NHL Betting Tips

To bet on the NHL playoffs to bring the results you want, you need to develop certain professionalism, especially in live mode. Practice confirms that live bets on the NHL are the most passable since an assessment of the strength of opponents is available in real-time. To place a bet correctly, sometimes it is enough to watch the match for just a couple of minutes. However, the limits for such bets are usually very tough. Some bookmakers do not allow live bets over $ 50.

An equally important aspect in-game prediction, which experienced players know about, is the possibility of replacing the goalkeeper with a sixth player. The final results may change due to the skipping of the next puck or vice versa, hammering and leveling the score. For this reason, in the final part of the match, it is better not to bet on the total less.

Wide range of NHL bet picks on Parimatch

By participating in sports betting at Parimatch, you can always stay up to date on what the NHL bets tonight. This is a great opportunity to feel the excitement and get a good win, and if difficulties arise, participants can always contact the technical support representatives with questions.


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