How Often and Why People Play at Online Casinos in Canada

Nowadays, casinos are becoming increasingly popular, in part because players can play online no matter where they are. Canada is one of the leading countries when it comes to growing casino popularity. Even though Canada struggled throughout history to get gambling legalized, it is getting massive income from the gambling industry today. 

At first, there were many regulations concerning online gambling, but nowadays any online casino in canada is leading the way with its gaming system. That is the main reason why so many Canadian citizens decide to spend their time gambling online. With the variety of games, every player can find their favourite and start earning big prizes. It is important, however, to keep up to date on gambling rules in Canada, as they are constantly being revised.

Online Casinos in Canada: The Statistics

Statistics say that there are 80% of men and 20% of women participate in online gambling in Canada. One of the interesting facts is that women gamble more through their mobile devices than men. However, survey data say that men prefer table games and slot machines, while women prefer lottery-type games. Yet, generally speaking, roulette is the most popular game in Canada. People are not afraid to spend their entire savings just to have a great time gambling on roulette.

Why do Canadian Citizens Choose to Gamble Online?

Even though land-based casinos are popular in Canada, there is also a great interest in online casinos. A number of factors contribute to the popularity of online gambling. Here are some of them:

Safe Transactions

Another reason why Canadians love online casinos is safe payment methods. There are plenty of safe and reliable payment methods you can find at online betting sites. Early on, players used to be concerned about the safety and privacy of their bank details. Today, online casinos use a variety of security protocols, and players do not have to worry about their payments. The online transaction process is seamless, whether it’s for a deposit or withdrawal. You just have to choose your preferred payment option, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, or Visa, and withdraw your prizes instantly. Canadian casinos have even begun accepting cryptocurrencies. 


Accessibility is the most important factor because, previously, wagering took place in a land-based casino, and people needed to put a lot of effort to go and play. Some players were not even close to a casino, so they had to travel to other cities to gamble, which was pretty costly. Casino sites provide a much cheaper and easier way to gamble online. Today, everyone is able to gamble, so there is no surprise that Canadian citizens enjoy this convenience. It only takes an internet connection and the right device to play their favourite games. 

Bonuses and Promos

There are a variety of bonuses and promotions available at Canadian betting sites. Newcomers may get deposit bonuses, while loyal players may get a bunch of promotions. These promos come as incentives in the form of free spins, no deposit, and cashback bonuses. Of course, all of the offers come with a wagering requirement. Before participating in any promotion, players are advised to read the full terms and conditions.

Tons of Games

Next on the list of reasons why Canadians gamble online is the impressive selection of games. You can understand why online casinos are so popular because they offer more games than land-based casinos, and because land-based casinos have limited seats. Online casinos in Canada offer a variety of games from the best gaming development companies, such as Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, or NetEnt. One more reason the Canadians choose to gamble online rather than in brick and mortar casinos is that there is no holdup, because in physical casinos you may have to wait in line to start gambling. Thus, you are able to play online as much as you like whenever you want.


Since the popularity of online casinos in Canada is growing rapidly, you might assume the number of its customers. Even though Canada has struggled throughout history to get gambling legal, in today’s case gambling regulations are getting perfected each day. Players may need to check the information on gambling laws from time to time, but it has never been a better time to gamble than today. With the entertainment and convenience online casinos in Canada provide, it is time to place your bets. 

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