Films That Show Vaping

The films have a special connection with smoking and alcohol. But in the last decade, the scenario has changed a bit. It is a general fact that tobacco can be the cause of various cancer and that is why vaping is believed to be a great alternative to smoking. People can easily get vaping devices and e-liquids with or without nicotine from popular online vape store and this popularity has led vaping to movies and as well. Many film directors have depicted vaping in their films. Here are some films that have shown vaping.

Drive Hard

John Cusack is already said to be the user of vape and vaporizers and he has shown his love for these devices in many of his films. But Driver Hard is worth mentioning since his character shown c-cig all the time in the film. The film tells the story Simon Keller (Played John Cusack) who is a racing driver. But things change when a brutal criminal kidnapped him and enforced him to be his personal chauffeur to get away from the thieving spot.

Sex Tape

Obviously, most of us might have seen this move Cameron Diaz but vaping users must have observed the vaping device used by the character played by Jack Black as the owner of an adult website. There are also some speculations that Jack Black is fond of this electronic smoking device and he likes to steam in his free time. There are many more reasons to watch 2014 film other than just -cigarette and our own Jason Segal from “How I Met Your Mother” is one of them.

The Tourist

If you love thriller movie with unexpected turns and mysteries then this from 2010 starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie is a must-watch. We will not give you any spoilers here but the lead character in the film Frank Tupelo (Obviously played by Depp) is seen using a vaping device in his hand whilst he meeting the leading lady Elise (Played by Jolie) on train seats. There are many more reasons to watch this 3 Golden Globe nominee film.


This is one of our favorite comedy fil series and you shouldn’t expect much from, but it will not dissatisfy you either. All three films are classically rough comedies with the full dose of wit, stoner comedy, and swear words for a level of entertainment appropriate for the target group. For his role, Mike Tyson even got proficient singing classes because he was to sing at the wedding. But here, we are talking about the third part of the series where the main villain Marshall, played by John Goodman, is shown steaming e-cigarettes in many scenes of the films.

The Lazarus Effect

This movie from 2015 is one of the best supernature horror movies of that year and it offers completely a new approach to old Frankenstein’s horror films and is a must-watch for the people who are fans of the horror genre. In various scenes, Peter Evans’s character Clay vaping through his vape device. Without revealing anything, we would like to tell you that you will witness one of the best horror film scenes with a vaping device depiction in it. Vaping fans are still unclear about the device used in the film but it is worth watching.

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