Overheating on Set

Over the weekend, I got an opportunity to  act as a background cast member in a film. However, the setup and wardrobe requirements were a bit harsh for me. I was required to wear a long and heavy outfit in the heat, much to my own dismay, and also bad for my health conditions. The call time was at 3:00 and they set me up with a wardrobe that consisted of a tattered shirt, some dirty trousers and an oversized coat which was still a little too heavy despite being almost ripped to pieces.

Around 5:00 or so,  the other extras and I were sent down to set in an alley around Gastown where the sun didn’t really get in, but it was still rather warm since they didn’t have a large fan as they had the day before when they were shooting. It was difficult for me to focus very well.

I was able to get the acting done right, but once it was over, I was feeling really faint. On the way back, someone noticed I didn’t look too good. One lead actor and the director had me change out of wardrobe and drink four bottles of water afterwards. Since it was also lunch break I got a chance to eat something as well. Afterwards, the director dismissed me and several other extras that’d got plenty of screen time. The trip home from the shoot was slightly worse as I needed to wait for a skytrain that was air conditioned . . . and all the water went right through me.

I have managed to recover from the symptoms since the incident but I highly recommend, when shooting anything, is to always think of weather conditions. And get a fan if you need it.

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