“No” Is a Reality — That’ll Mean Nothing Someday

How many no’s will you hear before you give up your passion? Okay, it’s a trick question, but how many of us still rely on positive affirmation for vindication?

Throw all of that out the window when it comes to the entertainment industry. In this business, “no”, is a reality. Don’t take it personally, but rather embrace it, examine it, then laugh at it and move on.

The entertainment business is one trade that breaks all the rules. If you are an actor, you will go through countless auditions before you find a role that resonates. That is the time you shine. If you are a director, you will make movies without passion until you find the one that has a story you can’t let go of. It will haunt your every minute of the day. If you are a screenwriter, the same can be said of finding the premise of a story that wakes up your creative side to tell it the best way possible.

Getting back to the “no’s”, means you just haven’t found that gold ringer, that blue ribbon, that needle in the haystack that penetrates the studio’s skin so deep they can’t ignore it. I suppose what I’m really saying is the no’s will mean nothing after you get that one yes. So grow a thick skin in the meantime and get used to no’s until you find that one yes. But never give up… if it’s your real passion, keep pushing forward.

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