Four Announcements and a List of Names

If you missed DOXA, as we somehow did (our festival coverage guy’s been needed in front of the camera), there are still the Best of DOXA screenings featuring an encore presentation of four films from the 2015 festival: The Forecaster, How to Change the World, Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten: Cambodia’s Lost Rock and Roll, and The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution. They’re at Vancouver’s Cinematheque on the 23rd and 24th.

Toronto’s AMG Visuals has announced via WireService.ca that it’s got the go-ahead from the family of James Brown to make ” what it hopes will be the ultimate live-concert documentary film on the man whose vocal wizardry and dance sensibilities made him one of the most iconic stars in soul/pop history.” They’ve waited two years for this.

Later today, we welcome our newest writer, Darren Wiesner, nine-time veteran of the Great American PitchFest, who asks, “How many no’s will you hear before you give up your passion?”

(Via CNW) There may be tough times ahead for the TV and film industry in Nova Scotia, but Halifax’s DHX Media Ltd. “continued to see double- and triple-digit growth across key lines of business” for the quarter ending March 31st, according to CEO Dana Landry, who says further, “Proprietary production also reported strong revenues.”

What to call Israeli director Eran Riklis’s new drama? In The Canadian Jewish News, Jordan Adler reports that it’s been released in various countries as My Son, My Heart Dances, A Borrowed Identity — and the title its creator calls “great”, Dancing Arabs.

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