Exclusive – Elysha Jackson Explains the Grand Unified Theory Part I (With Trailer)

exclusiveGrand Unified Theory is the latest Vancouver based film by writer/director/producer David Ray. It just wrapped up its premiere at the International Beijing Film Festival.

Elysha Jackson plays the character Sakah in the film. She was incredibly courteous in providing us an interview regarding her experience in the film and her attendance at Beijing premiere.

Elysha was born in Greece but raised in Australia. She now calls Vancouver home and is looking forward to more premieres to come.

“What is the premise of this film and how did you get involved?”

“This is a coming-of-age film that intertwines astrophysics and what love looks like to various people.

“My agent booked me an audition for the role. Once I read the script, I immediately loved the character and reserved the time necessary to prepare for it. The audition went so well that they asked me to stay late and read with Max Haynes. He plays one of the leads and I play his love interest.”

A film that uses humor to convey its message about family and the universe, it premiered at the RIO Theatre before heading to Beijing.

“What was it like working with director David Ray?”

“He was absolutely incredible to work with. He kept everyone smiling the entire time and created such a comfortable atmosphere. The enthusiasm he possessed brought the best out of everyone. After the film, everyone began referring to him as Fearless Leader. He raised the bar.”

(Get a little taste of the film below.)

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