Morning After (A Work in Progress)

As mentioned earlier, Patricia Chica (A Tricky Treat, Serpent’s Lullaby) has started work on another movie of strange artistic value and semi-creepy visuals. Morning After tells the story of how a game involving French kissing and chocolate can get out of hand rather quickly when it causes five best friends to give away their inner feelings for each other.

While all of them have a secret to keep from the others, one of them has a difficult way of saying he has feelings for another man when he technically isn’t gay himself.

The film is expected to start production in Montreal this summer. The cast consists of Zoé de Grand Maison, Thomas Vallières, Cristina Rosato, Luca Asselin, and Kristian Hodko. Interestingly enough, all five actors helped to write the script themselves though Kristian Hodko did most of the work.

The main focus for this film is the community of LGBTQ, a subject that is trending and showing everyone there is nothing wrong with loving the same sex or being a transsexual. Patricia has explained, “This is a film that gives people permission not to define themselves with specific labels, that it is okay to be sexually fluid.” Seeing as sexual curiosity is a rising subject, this film might help develop the message and bring it across so people get a bit understanding of it.

The preview is promising and shows this to be an entertaining and hilarious upcoming film. However, it can’t be fully made without some help and support as production costs money. To donate to this interesting new film, click here.

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