Exclusive – Costa Rica Comes Calling Part II

exclusiveHaving started up his company, Costa Rica Fixer, Jonathan Hiltz operates it out of Toronto. It’s a short five-hour flight if his presence is needed, but for the most part his clients are in the qualified hands of Costa Rican resident, Hilga Martinez.

“Does Costa Rica offer tax incentives comparable to BC?”

“From what I know, the government is in the midst of discussing legislation. I do not know about the numbers. In my experience with the film commission, they seem to be more focused on helping out their own resident filmmakers.”

With that being said, the situation has manifested into Jonathan’s business plan.

“How are you getting the word out to other filmmakers that Costa Rica is the latest and greatest location to produce TV and film?”

“I attend film festivals, MIPCOM and Hot Docs every year. Once I’ve informed other filmmakers about the benefits of the location, they all tend to agree that it’s a great idea. However, the reality is that not every film calls for a tropical location.”

Jonathan tells me that the rates are very cheap when finding qualified crews. He says they understand competition in the industry and have adjusted their rates to reflect that.

“What does the future of Costa Rica filmmaking look like?”

“In the next few years with the support of investors, I’d like to build a sound studio.”

Jonathan confesses that when he’s over there, he feels busy in paradise.

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