Films That Really ARE Films (As in 35mm)

It looks as if 35mm not only will not die — but, even in this digital age, it’s back in force.

Xavier Dolan’s Grand Prix-winning Juste la fin du monde was made “using his preferred medium, 35mm film”, with the help of MELS Studios and Postproduction,  the company has pointed out via PRNewswire.  MELS, part of Quebecor Media Group, has “one of the only” photochemical labs operating in North America, offering silver-based processing services that have otherwise been all but abandoned. MELS praises film as guaranteeing quality and durability.

Kodak is, understandably, another voice insisting that “film is not only still a viable creative choice, but thriving again.” In a media release (via 24-7 Press Release), it’s noted that four of the features competing at Cannes (including Juste la fin du monde) were shot on Kodak film.  László Nemes, Oscar-winning director and jury member at Cannes this year, went so far as to say, “Real film prepares the mind in a different way . . . You get less with digital video . . .”

Other directors are on board with Nemes. Though The Force Awakens is possibly the most high profile 35mm film in recent years, about 100 features were made in this format in 2015, Kodak points out.


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