Exclusive – Caley MacLennan’s Noon Gun Part II

exclusiveWhen I spoke to first time feature filmmaker Caley MacLennan, I was very inspired by his journey and how he reached his destination.

He began his career making short films and music videos. He currently works as a video editor. Winning the Indiecan 10K allowed him to make the jump.

His budget for the feature was $10,000, but there were many volunteers and free services that accompanied the film, making it look like a much larger budget.

“When filming in Halifax, did you find it difficult to find your actors?”

“Not at all. I had found most of them by word of mouth. Some were professional actors, some were first time actors, but all fit their characters perfectly. They and the crew made this film a success.”

Scott Thorne was his cinematographer and his friend and fellow editor Shawn Beckwith took on editing duties. In addition, most locations were donated by friends. The Parliament Building (Province House) was surprisingly generous in allowing a few scenes to be filmed on the grounds.

Caley tells me he storyboarded and made a detailed shot list to ensure every minute was utilized.

He shot the film using RED Epic with a Dragon chip.

There are plans for distribution of both film and soundtrack.

The film was well received at TIFF and Caley sees it as a love letter to Halifax. He’s proud to show off his city and its diversity.

He’s currently cooking up his next feature film.

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