Reset (Review)

One of the many things that is most likely to happen in the future is the near replacement of humans by androids, and that’s what Jeremy Lutter’s film covers. The short film shows the lifestyle of an android named Sidney (Emily Tennant) who does household chores such as cooking and cleaning for her owner Marcus (Michael Karl Richards), who enjoys having someone keep him company. However, he wants someone a little more real in his life and is uncertain about Sidney’s most recent behaviour.

When Marcus brings in a woman named Natalie (Jessica Harmon) Sidney feels a bit uncomfortable with Marcus’s decisions, as she feels a deep connection for him. But since Sidney is an android, she doesn’t really understand love or how someone can feel affection for her, if at all. However, she can understand the feeling of jealousy when she catches the two humans making manual love instead of auto love. But when Sidney takes things too far and tries to confess her feelings, there’s a chance Marcus might have to call in the local repairman to reset Sidney’s system, clearing her memory.

A very interesting film about the future, Reset has a fantastic story with an interesting mix of characters. As the plot explores the mundane life of a programmed robot, it takes a dramatic turn of events nearly towards the end.

And everyone knows that self-aware technology could possibly mean a dark future.
It’s hard to say if the ending has everything worked out or not, but the film shows its a good thing androids like those don’t exist… yet. Or at least aren’t very common. I wonder if anyone else is as scared of the future as I am.

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