Movies to Check Out This Weekend

Jurassic World – Part of the Jurassic franchise, Steven Spielberg returns as an executive producer to work once more on his epic movie series about dinosaurs. In this newest edition, the hosts of Jurassic Park are currently running better than ever, getting lots of people to come check out the live dinosaurs. Recently the scientists of Jurassic Park have discovered a dinosaur that’s actually larger than the Tyrannosaurus Rex. However this new dinosaur breaks loose and terrorizes the visitors. It’s also shown to have a rather high level of intelligence. This is certainly a good movie for anyone interested in the Jurassic series, excitement galore like the others.

Live from New York! – A biographical documentary all about Saturday Night Live and its journey throughout 40 years. The documentary shows what SNL was with the original cast and how it slowly became a show all about comedy. Years of politics, media, and much more laced with ancient footage and crew member commentaries, this shows what it took to last long and what it was like to be on that show. Certainly seems like an interesting documentary for anyone who likes SNL, and might even be entertaining.

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