Her Story (Review)

Her Story  (Aaron Au, 2012) is a dramatic thriller about a young Asian girl learning to cope with slavery in a brothel.

After she screams too loudly serving one nuisance client who gets taken out, her manager whips her for overreacting. The girl has no identity and every day is worse for her as she pushes on. Every client she gets is either a loser or really desperate and she can’t seem to handle giving herself to these guys.

Then one day, the brothel’s bouncer comes in and decides to share his meal with the girl as he slightly understands her pain. As they eat together, she starts to feel a little better. The next day, the manager brings in all his girls for a multi-session. One of them attacks him only to get burned for disrespecting him.

Later on, the girl starts shivering and after more upsetting service starts to slowly descend to madness feeling very scared of what will happen to her in the future. The bouncer, being the only one to care about her, checks on her to see if she’s okay. As she sobs hysterically, he comforts her and brings her back to her room.

As the days go on, and the men continue to do her, she finds she can only take comfort in the bouncer. The manager still continues to abuse her no matter what.

One day the girl finds a locket on her doorknob which brings her comfort. She spends her free time between clients admiring the locket. Until one day, when a new client draws a knife on her. Scared, the girl flees towards the bouncer who gets into a fight with the client. Eventually it’s up to the girl to find her way out of this crazy situation.

There was no dialogue through this whole movie, but it still told a story about a never-ending cycle. The shots were very intense and amazing. I really liked it. The ending was unexpected though but still made the whole film very good.

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