It’s Well Documented, I’m No Quitter

Being diagnosed with autism at the age of five, Joel Reimer became a documentary filmmaker anyway. As he likes to say, “Without risk, there is no reward.”

Raised by a single mother, he was regularly picked on by other kids. For the most part, Joel’s childhood would reflect teasing, mocking or isolation. He found solace in watching movies and playing video games, a virtual escape he found comforting.

Drawing inspiration from movies like Star Wars and Jurassic Park, he imagined the possibilities of creating his own worlds and characters. While most kids wanted to be cops, doctors or professional wrestlers, Joel wanted to be a filmmaker. Of course nobody took him seriously, not even his mother. Someday, he would show them all.

Once Joel reached high school, he was placed in foster care until adulthood. It was a hard road for a creative mind that’d been looking for acceptance all his life. Almost enough to break the human spirit, but it didn’t.

Joel realized that the choices he made from now on were his to make. Good or bad would determine his happiness or sadness. His passion for filmmaking had never faltered, so at 21, he was accepted for film school.

Once enrolled, Joel knew immediately he wanted to produce. While the autism diminished his abilities to read body language, vocal tones and the intangibles, his logic, calculating capabilities and problem solving were far superior. Traits every producer needs for successful productions.

.…to be continued.

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