Movies to Check Out Over the Weekend

Spy -Melissa McCarthy plays Susan Cooper, a simple  CIA analyst who happens to work as an unsung hero who saves the world from the most dangerous of threats. She’s getting tired of her job and wants to go further. That chance comes when a new criminal just so happens to know the identity and methods of every single spy in the CIA, and they need someone new to work undercover and with a new identity. Susan volunteers herself and goes through many tests to become a spy. Certainly seems like a comedy film worth watching for anyone who wants a dose of rather strange humour.

Insidious: Chapter 3 – A new chapter in the horror movie series, this story centres around a teen girl and her family. The film reveals even more mysteries about an unknown realm called The Further. This is considered the origin story of the Insidious series as it goes back before the Lambert family hauntings in the last two movies. If  you’re looking for a good horror movie over the weekend, this worth checking out.

Love and Mercy – A drama by Bill Pohlad, this movie details the life of Beach Boy Brian Wilson, going from the many successes of his career to the time when he suffered a nervous breakdown and had multiple sessions with a therapist who was considered controversial. If anyone is interested in how the life of a Beach Boys songwriter and musician went, this could be an interesting film to watch as it also has some drama in it.

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