Mainly on Festivals Happening This Weekend

Congratulations to the recipients of this year’s Shaw Media Mentorship Programs that take place at the Banff World Media Festival, June 7th through 10th. Five each were chosen in the Shaw Media Drama & Comedy Showrunner Training Program and Shaw Media Writer’s Apprentice Program. They’ll be invited to the festival on a full-access pass and benefit from master classes, networking opportunities, and private meetings with leading executives and showrunners. The Writer’s Apprentice Program group will also go on to spend two weeks interning with the writers of a current Canadian show. And here’s the complete list of winners from Shaw:

Drama & Comedy Showrunner Training Program:

•Larry Bambrick

•Andrew Carr

•Josh Gal

•Mike McPhaden

•Raj Panikkar

Writer’s Apprentice Program:

•Tara Armstrong

•Seth Cooperman

•Jonathan Joffe

•Ashley Park

•Amanda Smith-Kolic

We’d never heard of the Canadian Sport Film Festival (CSFF) before finding a mention of it in the news items we linked to earlier today, so we had to look into it. Founded in 2008, CSFF has a mission to “bring together the theatre of sport and the medium of film to tell unique, provocative and passionate human stories from around the world.” It showcases films that people don’t typically get the chance to see, many of them promoting the health benefits of physical activity. CSFF runs annually  in both Toronto and Winnipeg. Starting in the fall, they’ll “encourage submissions of films that use the moving body (be it sporting, dancing, or at play) to tell insightful and important stories” for the 2016 edition.

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