Awards to Be Won This Weekend, Money Spent This Year

The Leo Awards for excellence in BC  film and television will be given out in Vancouver over the course of “one event, two weekends, three celebrations” as their site puts it, and it all starts on Saturday, June 6th.  Among the nominees for Best Motion Picture is Sonja Bennett’s Preggoland.

CHCH’s Watchlist has the trailer for Craig Goodwill’s Patch Town, “an adventurous dark comedy” developed from his 2012 short of the same name, which won the Director’s Guild of Canada Award for Best Short. You know that story about babies coming from the cabbage patch? In this film, harvesting them is an industry, the workers are oppressed, and they’re about to demand their rights.

There’s a lot to be seen on screens across Toronto this week, and Jason Anderson does an excellent roundup of it for The Toronto Star, including the Canadian Sport Film Festival, Berkshire County, and plenty of samurai action at the TJFF.

Also in The Toronto Star, Bruce DeMara writes that Peruvian filmmaker Claudia Llosa has made the Canadian setting itself  “from the snowy forests of northern Manitoba to the flat, forbidding and windswept wasteland of the Arctic” into a character in Aloft, a story of love, loss, healing, and mysticism.

$432 million went to independent Canadian producers, $376 million of which came from specialty television services, of the programming expenditures of the Canadian specialty, pay,  pay-per-view and video-on-demand television services for the broadcast year ending August 31, 2014, says the CRTC in a media release via CNW.

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