VIFF (Day 12) Gradually Winding Down

Seems as if there’s not much to see nowadays. It’s only a few more days though. These ones were pretty much decided in advance right after leaving work and running errands.

Love, Pain and the Whole Damn Thing – Not exactly a full length feature, rather a small collection of international shorts from around the world. A few of them stood out as personally interesting favourites of mine. Behold, a short film about vegetable merchant in Greece. As he drives through the streets, he makes announcements for his fresh produce over a built-in bullhorn on top of the truck. But he sounds as miserable as most YouTubers whining about their awful lives in DIY tutorials. There are also two women on a bench talking about their personal lives together. Eventually he becomes their topic of discussion as he goes past. Little Bear, which was made by a film production company that one of my contacts works for. The movie is about a young boy and his father having fun together, showing how much fun parenting can be. Ending was a real twist for most people. Finally a rather impressive short was Scrabble, which features an elderly couple playing said game. Whenever they spell out a word, that exact same thing suddenly happens. And I thought ouija boards were freaky. Everything else was a mix between good and somewhat strange. Still was amazing to watch them all, even though the audience was bleak.

The Demolisher – This film is about how a policewoman is learning to deal with personal struggles. Well, it was — but after she gets confined to a wheelchair temporarily, her husband Bruce dons a suit of modern armour ready to assault any evildoer. However, he lets things get out of control when his wife loses a necklace, and he ends up hunting down the woman who carelessly found it. Amazing yet creepy what someone will do to retrieve a lost or stolen item. I don’t know, this one had a fair amount of action, destruction and face smashing, but the plot might’ve needed a little more work, just saying.

Four more days, four more days…

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