31st October Goes Missing, Chronic Catches You Off Guard

31st October – Taking place in India. Indira Gandhi got assassinated in 1984 that day, causing riots to erupt. Actually, I didn’t get to see this one. It got replaced at the last minute with a documentary. I decided to move on.

Chronic – The official last screening at International Theatre. It was either this one, or Project of the Century. Volunteers suggested this one because it was more popular. Starring Tim Roth as a hospice nurse as he does his job helping the terminally ill. When the female patient he’s tending at the beginning dies, he moves on to a man named Jack. Tim later gets threatened for potential sexual harassment of Jack as his son found an iPad with pornography on it. Tim gets fired and finds another person to look after, but for less money. This film was nothing more than a descriptive look into a man’s life, it didn’t seem too exciting. The ending in particular caught me off guard and left me thinking what else could I really say about this movie.

I figure I might as well cover the closing Gala next article, because I don’t know what else to make of other movies after Chronic. We’ll see how that turns out.

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