VIFF (Day 15) almost done…

As the days count down, so do the screenings. One theatre already isn’t screening anything anymore. A bit of slip-up that happened, but anyways…

Our Little Sister Three adult sisters (Sachi, Yoshino, Chika) live together in a large house, dealing with each other’s respective personalities. When their father dies, they head to the funeral out of town, where they meet their mysterious half-sister Suzu, who is still in school. After seeing what she is like, they decide to adopt Suzu so she can live with them. What happens next are some interesting adventures and surprises, from accidentally drinking alcohol to dealing with relationships. This was a very hilarious and gentle film. It did kind of lose momentum around the halfway mark, but there were so many good things about this movie.

Aaaaaaaah! What? That’s what it’s called. I may have misspelled it by forgetting or adding an “a” though. Anyways, this film takes place in a world where people, despite being able to drive cars, serve food, and do basic things, practically act and talk like primitive beings. Monkeys specifically. What happens is a divorced man is dealing with the loss of his wife, and scopes out a dysfunctional family while they have a party with other guests. In the process, the man falls in love with a girl and takes her away while other family members search for her. At least, I think that’s what the plot is, I don’t know. This film was so weird a caveman could watch it. And a caveman could probably understand it better than me.

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