Two Latest for Final Cut Pro X

(Via PRWeb) We often (as in every day) mention in passing some new release from Pixel Film Studios, the hardworking company that turns out so many plugins for the popular video editing program Final Cut Pro X, but as we head into this weekend, we’re going to take a closer look at the two latest: TransComic and TransFold Volume 3.

TransComic is what it sounds like: Transitions plus comics. That is, it allows you to “[t]ransition from one scene to the next in a whole new fun way.” Choose from comic book effects such as up to 48 fully customizable dissolves, ink bleeds, page peels, and paint wipes all within Final Cut Pro X.  So you can turn the story you’re telling — or just your recorded life — into a graphic novel on video. Watch a demo below.

TransFold Volume 3 lets you fold up your scene and put it away to make room for the next one — if that’s the effect you want. As Pixel says, it “comes packed with 50 customizable transitions designed for Final Cut Pro X. The user can decide to change the shadow distance, opacity, softness, and angle of view. The published controls are easy to use allowing the editor to change direction of all transitions in a matter of a few slides and clicks.”  Watch this short video demo to get the full effect of what you can create.

As with all Pixel’s plugins for Final Cut Pro X, these two are designed to be easy to use while giving professional results.

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