Vancouver B Movie Factory

A small group well known for making short films over the weekends, The Vancouver B Movie Factory is a collective of filmmakers founded to make connections and practice before advancing into the industry. The Organizer of the group, Jimi Stewart, explains that he started this group to help people who want to break into the industry learn skills and gain experience, especially those who are unable to find work.

Each Wednesday evening, a small group of people gets together and comes up with an idea for what kind of movie they want to shoot. First they figure out when everyone is available during the weekend, then they find a location to shoot. The group then comes up with an idea for what to shoot at that location.

Then over the following weekend, they get together at that location and shoot the short film. Shooting usually only takes about four hours. So far the group makes these films for fun and also to learn new skills — as well as do things the real film industry doesn’t normally do.

But the Vancouver B Movie Factory isn’t just about short films, there are other things scheduled every month. The firstst week of every month, the group shoots a short for the official TV show that always takes place at a local Vancouver business. The final week of every month is usually set aside for the full length feature that VBMF has been working on for over a year now. A lot of people have enjoyed the experience and have positive things to say about the group.


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