Daily Rushes for the Day After CSA’s

  • See a photo gallery of the red carpet at last night’s CSA’s at Hello Canada, here
  • See a full list of winners in a no-frills document from the CBC here; academy.ca seems to be down this morning for some reason
  • We’ve also got a win-by-win list on our Twitter feed, here
  • The Globe and Mail calls the awards show “sharply ribald, warm-hearted, self-mocking – and blessedly economical” but also has a few criticisms for it, like a “missed opportunity” — Andrea Martin saying the video of her falling on the red carpet had gone viral when it wasn’t even (and still isn’t) really online. More here.
  • The Toronto Sun has 33 photos of the evening here
  • Via Global News, David Sutcliffe’s red carpet reflections on the difference between the industries north and south of the border: “[T]he U.S. is a machine. They have it down and it’s tight. There’s something that’s really good about that and something that’s not so good about that.” Read the whole thing, and other celebrity statements, here.
  • This not just in, but still worth noting: The sequel to Blade Runner will be directed by Canada’s Denis Villeneuve, says the Toronto Star, here. Yes, it’s been 33 years, and yes, Harrison Ford is coming back.
  • Tattoo Arts Film Festival, which is just what it sounds like and is also Canada’s first tattoo-themed film festival, is set for April 4th and 5th at the Roxy Theatre in Saskatoon, the Star-Phoenix reports here.
  • If you use RØDE gear in your filmmaking, the company invites you to submit a short film — and a “making of” reel showing how you made use of their stuff — to this year’s “My RØDE Reel” international short film competition. Read more at Broadcaster, here.

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