AVX Wireless Mic for Working with Camera Sound

(Via PRWeb) Sennheiser, one of the world’s most well known manufacturers of sound equipment for the film industry, has uploaded some video tutorials (scroll down to find them)  about how to use the new AVX wireless microphone systems, explained by award winning videographer and filmmaker Geert Verdickt.

Video 1 is all about setup of the devices. Verdickt explains the simplicity of mounting the transmitter onto your camera of choice, and then connecting it to the microphone of your choice. He also explains how the receiver works, explaining there’s an audio check included, thus making it easier to set the output volume. After explaining the simple technique of audio adjustments, Verdickt concludes with a piece of advice that I myself have been following for years: Let your ears do the judging.

Video 2 is a little more technical, starting out with explaining the differences between the ME2 and the MKE2, two different models of wireless lavaliers. Verdickt then goes on to say where and how the wireless lavaliers are to be attached. He also explains how to deal with problems like exterior wind and boosting high frequencies.

Video 3 explains battery power and how the receivers work when warning about battery percentage.  Verdickt explains that rechargeable batteries are included with the AVX and also shows how to recharge the AVX receiver. Going further, he also sees how far the frequency of a wireless microphone can go from the receiver. The ending was a bit humorous actually.

Not only do these videos provide valuable information for using Sennheiser’s new wireless microphones, they also give some good tips for beginners who are learning the usage of wireless microphones and sound in general.

(Photo: Sennheiser)

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