Movies for the Last Weekend in August: Love, Music, Danger

Just last week, we had a lot. This week, not so much for some reason…

We Are Your Friends What does it take to make a song that the world will enjoy? This Romantic Drama shows us the life of a musician and how they move forward to make themselves heard. Starring Zac Efron as Cole, a 23-year-old DJ, typically having fun with his buddies by day and trying to work on the next big hit by night. But when he meets an older, more experienced DJ called James (acted by Wes Bentley), Cole becomes his apprentice. Then Cole meets James’s young girlfriend Sophie (Emily Ratajowski) and things slowly start changing even more, in an abrupt way. Will Cole fall into forbidden love with his instructor’s lover, or will he remain loyal to his friends and his career? This seems to be just about a good enough flick for anyone who is into romance and music put together.

No Escape Owen Wilson plays a businessman who settles into Southeast Asia with his family. It seems like a nice peaceful place until their city is taken over by rebels against the government, and they must find the safest way out without getting too tangled up in the uprising. Intense Action Thriller for action movie fans everywhere.

Backcountry A Horror/Thriller movie taking place in the wilderness, based on a true story. Unlike most that happen in a campsite, cabin, or abandoned house, this movie takes place further into the woods. Eric Balfour and Missy Peregrym play a couple who get lost in the forest. Things go from bad to worse when they stumble onto the territory of a black bear. For anyone who likes nature documentaries with a bit of a twist.

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