Exclusive – The Perfect Pickup By CheckMate Films Part I

Chad Rook and his business partner Nathan Witte are embarking on their first feature film, entitled The Perfect Pickup. It’s a comedy about four men that find the perfect way to pick up women. Having sat down with Chad and one of three executive producers I was able to discover where it all began.

Chad Rook has been in the entertainment business for 16 years and has worn many hats. Modeling out of high school, then acting and writing. Each transition has led to greater opportunities and has helped feed his appetite for movie making.

The executive producer Shawna Whitney was living north of Edmonton when she and her partner Darin Thera of Thera Holdings had met with Chad to discuss the project. When they told me how everybody became involved, serendipity came to mind. As most filmmakers will tell you, every film tends to rely on a lot of luck and divine intervention to find financing and get off the ground running.

Chad wrote the script three years ago and he and Nathan Witte have put in an insurmountable effort to attract financers and crew. Chad mentions the elation he feels to see the project come to fruition.

Seventy-two actors, 17 locations and temporarily shutting down Granville Street is no easy task. Filming started Aug.26 and the first location is Chad’s apartment. Not unusual when making indie films. The budget is slightly under one million. Four weeks of shooting is scheduled.

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