The Top 10 Animation Films of All Time

Animations are considered one of the most rewarding and fast-changing platforms showcasing an individual’s creativity level. There are professional animators, and even novices, who are working hard to position themselves in the highly competitive animation industry.

Latest advancements and innovations in animations also pave the way in the creation of more engaging and interesting animation films. These films depict not just incredible animation effects but also the unique creativity and talent of the animation film creators.

If you are curious about the best animation films, the following will give you insights about the top 10 animation films of all time:


  1. Lion King

Lion King is a musical fantasy and drama film produced exclusively by Walt Disney Pictures. This American fantasy animation film is considered one of Walt Disney Pictures’ masterpieces where it showcased great artistry, good story, beautiful music, and morality tale. No wonder, this has been one of the favourite animation films among viewers of all ages. Lion King is a film that will be praised and loved forever.


  1. Toy Story

When it comes to being the best animation film, Toy Story has also proven its name in this category. This is a 1995-American film that is computer animated in nature. Toy Story is also widely known adventure and comedy film exclusively produced by the Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures has spearheaded its official release. Toy Story was the very first feature-length animated film that is completely computer animated and the very first amazing feature film offered by Pixar. Indeed, the creative team of Pixar turned into the professional hands of Disney to significantly help in creating a great animation movie with an undeniable broad appeal.


  1. Wall-E

This is another American sci-fi animation film exclusively produced by the Pixar Animation Studies, particularly for Walt Disney Pictures. Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class, shortly known as WALL-E is the very last robot on Earth. The robot spends his day cleaning the planet taking a piece of trash one at a time. However, during about 700 years, the robot started to develop a personality. WALL-E become a bit lonely until he saw EVE or Elissa Knight, a shapely and sleek probe who was sent back to planet Earth on a particular scanning mission. Smitten, WALL-E begins to embark on a fantastic adventure and follows EVE all across the entire galaxy.


  1. Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo, a computer-animated movie is packed with great adventures. This animation film was exclusively produced by the Pixar Animation Studios and officially released by the Walt Disney Pictures. The film was written and at the same time directed by the renowned Andrew Stanton and co-directed by another talented director Lee Unkrich. Finding Nemo is an award-winning animation film and was nominated for other awards many times. This is also one of the highest-grossing animation film and one of the best-animated films of all times. Finding Nemo has gained the attention and interest of viewers of all ages. Its unique story combined with the impressive animation effects is a few of the many things that viewers love about this film.


  1. Spirited Away

This is certainly one of the biggest reasons will anime fans are getting hooked with animation films. Spirited Away is one of the best animation films of all time. This film marks the coming of age fantasy animation films. Spirited Away was written by Hayao Miyazaki who also happened to be the director of the said film. This film relates a story of a young and sullen ten-year-old girl while moving to the new neighborhood unexpectedly entered the world of spirits or the world of Kami of the Japanese Shinto folklore. After the girl’s parents’ were transformed into pigs by a witch, Chihiro takes the responsibility of working in the Yubaba bathhouse. This is her means of finding a way of gaining her freedom and return into the real world of humans along with her parents. The unique flow of this animation film makes it a top favorite among countless viewers all over the world.


  1. Shrek

This American comedy and computer animated film was based on the 1990 fairytale book with the same name exclusively by William Steig. This animation film was directed by Vicky Jenson and Andrew Adamson starring Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Mike Myers, and John Lithgow as voices of the main characters. Spirited Away actually parodies other movies adapted from the fairytale storylines mainly aimed at animation film parodies. This animation film relates how Shrek embarks on his journey, but will eventually fall in love with a princess who’s hiding one secret, that is set to change Shrek’s life forever.


  1. Up

This is a 3D computer animated and comedy drama and adventure film exclusively produced by the Pixar Animated Studios and was released by the Walt Disney Pictures. This animation film revolves around Carl Fredrickson, an old widower, and Russell, a serious boy. Through tying thousands of balloons in his house, Carl Fredrickson was set to fulfill his dreams of seeing the wilds of South America.


  1. Inside Out

Inside and out is certainly the best on its unique form. Viewers highly prefer this American 3Danimation film because of its great screenplay and storyline. The animation film was set and mainly revolved around this young girl, Riley wherein five emotions, joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust will lead her life as Riley and her parents cope with their new environment due to relocation.


  1. Toy Story 3

The Toy Story 3 is also a 3D animation film of Pixar Animation Studios mainly for Walt Disney Pictures. It’s the third incredible installment of Toy Story.


  1. The Incredibles

The Incredibles is a superhero animation film and proven to be one of the best animation films of all time. This film tends to follow Parrs, a family with superhero members hiding their powers according to government mandate and try to live in a peaceful suburban life.

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