Camp Bonkers For Kids and to The Rescue

If you have young kids and are running out of ideas to harness their energy while educating and entertaining, then let Camp Bonkers take the wheel… for approx. 20-25 mins. You might be asking, what is Camp Bonkers? I’m glad you did because I can’t wait to tell you. It is a camp-themed variety show for elementary school kids, which encourages imaginative, educational, and active entertainment. It can be found on the Youtube Kids channel and you will definitely be hooked along with your little ones. I’ve watched three episodes to get a flavor for it and I was enamored by the creative genius, the fostering of learning and how many age groups that could benefit from it. There is art, there are easy and fun recipes, there are educational lessons and so much more. I was thoroughly impressed with the effort and planning that has shaped this program into a very viable teaching tool.


Camp Bonkers is Canadian made by the media company, Wind Sun Sky and it’s based in Vancouver.  Although they are associated with the US company, Skybound, Wind Sun Sky is most definitely Canadian; their team is working on the show remotely in and around the Greater Vancouver Area. The show has been around for a few years but is still quite new to the block. 


Wind Sun Sky/Skybound North’s Camp Bonkers was created from the Producer behind Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Angry Birds Movie and Super Dinosaur. Camp Bonkers can be found on YouTube Kids, here: 




If you have security/safety concerns, Camp Bonkers is a safe online space where kids are swept into the virtual outdoors. This fantastic program is hosted by friendly camp counselors and each episode is filled with creative camp-themed activities and videos that target a wide range of topics that include crafts, stem, music, animals, food, sports, dance and more. 


If you’re curious about the scheduling, there are new Camp Bonkers episodes launched every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1:30PM PT/4:30PM ET and again at 4:30PM PT/7:30PM ET, when kids are typically done with school, but parents are still working. 


The Camp Bonkers weekly schedule is as follows: 


    • Make-it Mondays: Friendly camp counselors guide a new DIY in the form of a weekly craft, food dish, or creation; classic camp treats, to imaginative crafts, slime making and more! 


    • What a World Wednesday: Each week camp counselors dig into world topics such as sustainability, history and interesting facts. Kids can take part in a variety of games and exercises as they watch at home. 


    • Fun Time Friday: The weekend has finally arrived, and its time for kids to let loose and have a ball! Learn a choreographed dance featuring the trendiest moves, hear an improvised story, or try a new Camp Bonkers take on hopscotch.


 Give Camp Bonkers a visit with your kids, for them and for you.

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