Cineplex Shortens Window, Fantasia Widens Net, Ant-Man Shrinks Ads, and Woods Looks Back

Screenwriter Grahame Woods (Glory Enough for All) looks back on his long career, including ” a film editing job at the CBC that was a stepping stone”, for Northumberland Today.

Going straight to video — or even just too quickly to video — has been a mark of shame ever since the days when we rented not only VHS tapes, but the machines to play them on. However, Cineplex is looking at deliberately shortening the time between when interest dwindles in a theatrical release and when it’s released for home viewing. They figure 17 days, says the CP’s David Friend. You can read about the experiment at 680 News.

Montreal’s Fantasia is “a festival of genre movies” (yesterday we told you about one of the horror films set to premier there, A Tricky Treat), but it also has room for “almost-unclassifiable movies that could have some commercial viability,” says co-director Mitch Davis in this Montreal Gazette piece by T’Cha Dunlevy.

Seen any Ant-Man billboards yet? Unless you’re actually an ant yourself, you may not have noticed them on the streets of your city. Media In Canada’s Val Moloney explains why, and looks at how this ad campaign works.

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