Make a Monologue, Collect some Capital, Plus other Prizes! – Puppet Killer Monologue Contest

Are you an actor? Do you go on and on in conversation? Do you like prizes, or entering contests? Is this something that we’re sponsoring?

If you said Yes to all or most of these questions, then you might be interested in the Puppet Killer Monologue Contest. A contest that came from a feature featured in Vancouver Horror Show (covered by Nick) about a little fuzzy pink puppet that comes to life and kills anyone who dares mock or insult it. With Puppet Killer being released on September 21st of this year, it’s a great opportunity for aspiring actors to enter the contest at Orbiiit where they can create a monologue of 1 from 4 scenes to choose from. Long-time writer Darren will be serving as one of the judges. Get in while you still can, because voting starts right at the premiere. Prizes ranges from cash prizes of $5000, roles and auditions in upcoming films from the production company, tickets for the movie, and so much more. Be sure to get on over and give monologuing a try. 

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