Jeremy Lutter takes on Sound work

Jeremy Lutter has made plenty of films both short and long in the past. But now he’s decided to try something else: A Podcast. Not just any podcast though, a podcast about COVID, a dramatic one at that. Ghost Town Killer is one of those detective stories that talks about the murder of a Detective’s sister, and it’s all pretty straight forward except for one issue: Nobody seems the least bit interested in the evidence, which obviously means BIG problem. As if that isn’t bad enough, the town is about to lose its financial status, thus causing more turmoil. Join Lilith Black (Dalila Bela) as she puts the pieces together and hopes to find that someone actually gives a darn in this collapsing little community. The podcast is already halfway done, but trust me, you have to hear it for yourself. It’s amazing what Lutter has made in the past, and is making now.

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