BlackMagic Design’s latest

BlackMagic Design has always been worth a mention in our articles and recently they have some brand new models known Ultimatte 12 models. The great thing about these new models is that they’re designed at a lower cost and yet still can handle the high quality processing for all you camera operating and graphic broadcasting needs. The four new models are Ultimatte 12 HD, Ultimatte 12 4K, Ultiamatte 12 HD Mini, and even an Ultimatte 12 8K model. But what do these models do? They are real time compositing processors that can help create broadcast graphics and have some great new features as well. For example, Ultimatte 12 HD Mini’s which were specifically built so that ATEM Mini customers get great broadcast quality keying which can make virtual sets so much better. As for the 4K and 8K models, those come with 12^-SDI connections allowing customers to operate with current HD video formats as well as the new and upcoming formats of the future. Who knows what the new formats will be? It’s hard to say, but in the meantime, these units are available for purchase. The Ultimatte 12 HD Mini is $495, the Ultimatte 12 HD is $895, the Ultimatte 12 4K is $2495, and the Ultimatte 12 8K costs $6995. Go to BlackMagicDesign.com now and do some shopping, and see how your picture quality can look so much better both during production and post-production.

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