Relocating, Race, Risen, and a Relationship

Witch Taking place in 1630, an English farmer and his family are forced to relocate elsewhere on account of being banished from the local church. When they think they’ve found the perfect spot somewhere near a forest, they don’t know what kind of threat lives within the forest. Somehow the family believes it to be Thomasin, the teenage daughter performing witchcraft. Yeah, it’s another one of these weird ones. I don’t know if it’s worth the time, really. It looks good the way it’s shot, but the story just sounds poorly arranged.

Race Another story from the past, but this one takes place in 1934-1936, following the story of Jesse Owens and Larry Snyder as they form a bond. Snyder trains Owens to become one of the world’s best runners (and find a better job so he can deal with financial issues). In Berlin, Filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl studies politics and attempts to make a movie about the Olympics. And back in the States, there is some conflict about how two lawyers argue regarding the matter of Jews and Blacks competing, something the Nazis had forbidden. This sounds like a rather interesting drama and may be worth checking out. Certainly seems like it’s full of action, intensity and lots of emotion.

Risen A biblical story about the resurrection. This one however, is told from the viewpoint of someone who doesn’t believe. Roman Military Tribune Clavius and his associate Lucius work together to solve the mystery of what happened to Jesus before he got crucified. Main reason is because there are rumours spawning in Jerusalem about a potential uprising.

The Lady in the Van A funny yet true story about a relationship between two interesting personalities. Miss Shepherd temporarily parks her old van in the driveway of a man named Alan Bennett. Oh wait, not temporarily. It actually stays there for 15 years. She needs a place for her van to stay, it appears. And Bennett starts to get to know her more and more. It becomes a hilarious interesting story. Does look like it could be interesting.

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