History and Filmmakers

(via CBC.ca) Lien Yeung has done a report on how people in Vancouver describe working with Ryan Reynolds. Due to legal reasons of not gabbing about production until the movie is screened, folks living in Vancouver, BC finally have permission to reveal what it was like to work on the movie, Deadpool. So far, local Vancouver actors, the animators from Digital Domain, and Mayor Gregor Robertson have all been saying it was a positive experience to work with Reynolds on this amazing comic book film.

However, not everything is going well as some dark moments in First Nations history have been revealed in a documentary. The Pass System reveals the disturbing truth behind how this system was supposed to be used to help keep First Nations on reserve, but instead things took a turn and went out of control. Many of the sad moments include freedom being declined, direct conflicts, and the breakout of the Métis insurrection. Read more about the details of the documentary here at CBC.

Steph Harmon of The Guardian has reported Australian Animator Missy Higgins has released an animation about a drowned Syrian. It’s now a well known story — when  Abdullah Kurdi wanted to flee to Canada, he gathered up his family and they headed off on a boat. However, Kurdi’s three-year-old son Alan didn’t survive, and this animation talks about the father’s perspective on how he endured such a bad moment in his life.

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